How do I get started selling my products on is Rhode Island's premier business directory and marketplace. You may add your business and 5 products at NO cost, and update your information anytime. Even every day, if you’d like!

The site is searchable by neighborhood, zip code, and keywords. When you add your listing and products to the site, be sure to include as many searchable terms as possible. Guaranteed, someone is looking for what you’re selling! 

To sign up as a vendor go to Vendor Registration and get onboard! 

Is my information secure using while

Yes, uses the latest technology to be sure all of your information is secure. We will never share or sell any information on this site. ShopLocalRhodeIsland also uses Stripe, a secure banking processing application, to process all payments. ShopLocalRhodeIsland receives NO percentage of your sales. To get more information, please read our Privacy Policy. 

How do I start shopping for products on is ready for you! Here are some fun ways to look around the site:

1. Browse around by category and see what products are available. You can choose a particular company's page, too.

2. In the search bar, type in what you're looking for and see what products are for sale or what companies have that to offer.

3. Take a look at our Directory. With over 2,000 Rhode Island businesses listed - we are sure you can find what you need right here in the Ocean State!

If I am listed in the ShopLocalRhodeIsland Directory, can I automatically begin selling products? 

If you already have a Directory listing, you are already approved as a vendor in the marketplace! However, you will need to reset your password and choose a vendor plan to begin selling your products or services. We have three vendor plans to choose from: Freemium, Best Value, and Premium; depending upon how many products you'd like to sell.

What do I need to begin selling my products on ShopLocalRhodeIsland?

First, you'll to have these items accessible to get paid (Stripe) and to get your products shipped (Shippo):
To get paid through Stripe, you’ll need:

  • The bank account information that will receive the money from your sales. (ShopLocal takes NO fees from any sale.)
  • Employee Identification Number 

To ship your products, you'll need to set up a Shippo account. (See Vendor Guide for more information)

  • A credit card number to process shipping transactions and labels. ($0.05 for each shipment)
  • Your product dimensions, weight, etc.

What if I have a problem with my listing or need help signing up?

If you have trouble while placing products on the site, simply contact us. We are experts! We know what to do and we know how to help you. There's a Contact link in our footer as well. It'll show up on every page.

If you request a password reset, be sure to check your Spam folder – just in case! It will come from

Can I advertise on

Yes! has a number of advertising and sponsorship options that allow businesses to advertise. Our sponsorships include a variety of ways to support the site, and because we are a marketing organization, we also offer professional marketing collateral for you, too. Many of our sponsorship options include professional video production, photography, podcast interviews, and more! Please contact us

Can I sell products if my business is located outside of Rhode Island?

No. This directory and marketplace are for Rhode Island businesses that are based in the State of Rhode Island, USA. But you can always buy from our amazing vendors.

Where is the Vendor Registration Guide located?

You can find the Vendor Registration Guide here

Why is it Important to shop local?
As business owners, we know how important it is to help each other thrive!

  • Support our state economy and keep our dollars circulating in Rhode Island!
  • Shorten our supply chain and enhance our communities.
  • Help our businesses by buying gift cards and gift certificates.
  • Highlight and support your neighborhood shops and businesses.
  • Keep employers and employees working and thriving.
  • Help the elderly, individuals, and families that just don't want to go out; but still want the things they love.

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