Zero Waste Kit

By The Heal Room

$87.00 / pcs
Made By The Heal Room

Total: $87.00


This kit comes with a little bit of everything - 10 items to kickstart your sustainable lifestyle. A value of $100 for only $87

~ 3 Wax Wraps : Alternative to cling wrap.
~ A Bamboo & Sisal Scrubber: Alternative to a sponge

On the Go:
~Bamboo Cutlery Kit: Skip out on plastic Utensils
~Bamboo Straw: Say no to plastic straws!

~Lavender & Lemon Balm Soap Bar: Made locally & great for sensitive skin.
~Shampoo Bar: All natural Seaweed Shampoo Bar. SLS & Sulfate Free. No Harmful Chemicals. Handmade by No Tox Life. Great for all hair types.
~Lavender Conditioner Bar: Skip out on the plastic container. This conditioner bar works, leaves your hair silky and no harsh chemicals.
~Bamboo Soap Dish: Keep your Soap dry!

~Bamboo ToothBrush: Compost your toothbrush at the end of its life instead of creating waste in the landfill!
~Compostable Floss: Made of charcoal and in a glass jar you can purchase refills from us once the floss is finished.

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