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The Crone & The Fox


The Crone & The Fox My intentions is to bring a combination of magic and curiosity to the mundane life. Each treasure is Lunar and Solar charged, infused with passion, protection, healing, and love; there is an enrichment to the body, the mind, and the spirit. My talismanic treasures bring the user an opportunity to heal, to be inspired, and to find insight within self. :::THE CRONE::: I am a RI based artist, 1st degree High Priestess, and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I studied Metalsmithing, Blacksmithing, and Sculpture at Rhode Island College. I am self taught in main areas, in combination with: Certificate programs, Spiritually infused workshops, College degree, Jewelry apprenticeship, and many years of practice in both Craft and Metals. I have combined my Love of Metalsmithing/Jewelry design, Herbs, and my Spirituality into one cohesive passion driven purpose. This passion has inspired me to learn, to heal, to grow, and to share. :::THE FOX::: The Fox has had such a misunderstood life. Between the focus on cunning and mischievous behavior, we lose sight of the wisdom and creativity the Fox possesses. Yes, she is a survivor of experiences, however, more so an ARCHITECT of her future. She carves her way through the earth, not in loud abrasive strikes, but, in fluid gestures of the wrist, like water. She creates wonderment and wild excitement along the way. She refuses to be tamed or caged, thus, her elusive nature. No she is not cunning, she is wild and free. No she is not mischievous, she is divinely guided. The Fox walks her own path, with a different style. :::TALISMANIC TREASURES::: My purpose is to give the wearer a mixture of self care, in the form of protection and healing, as well as, beautiful and unique designs. Each piece is created with attention to physical and spiritual detail. My talisman Jewelry and charms are either hand carved in wax, and then casted in sterling silver OR constructed in silver...both processes are from original designs. Every piece is charged during the 3 days of the full moon (day before, day of, and day after), infusing Lunar and Solar energy. This reinforces the protective and healing properties that are focused into each piece during the construction/carving process. EVERY PIECE IS CARVED WITH AN EYE FOR DETAIL! NOT ONE IS THE SAME AND EACH PIECE IS AN ORIGINAL DESIGN!!!