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Adler's Design Center & Hardware

173 Wickenden Street, Providence, RI, 02903

Adler’s Design Center & Hardware is celebrating its 102nd year in business! The Adler Family has been here meeting the needs of our beloved Providence community since 1919. You know that when you step into our store, you step into an old-school, upscale store whose team can answer any “fix-it, better-it” question you bring in. We maintain the legacy of delivering superb customer service with integrity (and lots of love!). Our store HOURS are Monday - Saturday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


PRODUCTS: Decorative Hardware, Electrical & Plumbing Supplies, Gardening Supplies, Grills & Charcoal, Hand Tools & Power Tools, Housewares & Light Bulbs, Kitchen/Bath Cleaning Supplies, Miele Vacuum Cleaners, Painting & Paint Supplies, Seeds (Potting Soil, Planters) Stains & Exterior Paint, Wallpaper, Window Treatments & Fabric.


SERVICES: Complete Sharpening Services, Custom Cut Window Shades, Key Cutting & Stamping, Lamp Repairs, Screen & Window Repairs, Vacuum Cleaner Repairs, Wallpaper, Window Treatments & Paint Color Consultations.